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Callcredit Information Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of consumer data solutions, software and analytics for businesses.  The Group was established by the Skipton Building Society in 2000 to compete with Experian and Equifax.  PPCF acted as lead advisor to the management team on both the 2009 management buy-out and the 2014 secondary management buy-out of Callcredit.

PPCF was initially appointed as lead advisor to the management team who had a minority stake in the business whilst under the control of Skipton Building Society.  PPCF advised on selecting a preferred partner and negotiations with the interested parties to ensure that the team achieved an attractive equity package.  The acquisition was funded by Vitruvian Partners and Lloyds Bank.

PPCF have since remained advisors to the management team through a period which included a refinancing and a secondary management buy-out supported by Chicago-based GTCR, one of the oldest private equity firms in the United States. 

Management had a pivotal role in the secondary management buy-out both from a financial and operational perspective.  PPCF assisted the management team in representing their objectives in the process as well as advising them on negotiations with interested parties.  The transaction allowed management to realise a significant portion of their value whilst also materially improving their retained equity position.


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