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Deep Sea Electronics

£162m Management Buy-Out

Deep Sea Electronics

Based in the UK, DSE is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of controllers for diesel-powered electricity generators and intelligent battery chargers. Its products are used worldwide to support public sector infrastructure projects and defence applications, as well as diverse applications across industry sectors, including oil and gas, telecoms, construction, power distribution and facilities management.

Headquartered in Hunmanby, Yorkshire, DSE is staffed by over 170 employees and operates globally, selling to over 150 countries, both direct and through a comprehensive distributor network.

PPCF acted as lead advisor to the management team in their discussions with a group of private equity houses who were keen to support the management buy-out.  Caledonia was the successful partner for the £162m management buy-out concluding the deal in just one week from being awarded exclusivity.


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